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Have you had a mismatched dental crown placed on your front teeth? Has one of your teeth been damaged or stained? Single-Tooth Restoration can be your solution.

If so, we can improve your smile with the conservative, cost-effective solution of a single-tooth restoration. need a single-tooth restoration. These kinds of reparations are made most often to the front teeth or incisors. However, many dentists will treat not just one compromised tooth becasue it is difficult to match the exact shape and coloration of the adjacent teeth. As an alternative, many dentists aim to correct the surrounding dentition as well as the single tooth. These added restorations cna be unnecessary and expensive versus just a single-tooth restoration.

For all those looking for conservative, efficient and skillful dentistry, we encourage you to visit Dr. Gehan Girgis . She specializes in restorations and can ensure your tooth looks flawless and natural. Our dentist also has vast experience and compassion in her work, and you can feel cared for at every visit. With a single-tooth restoration in Rochester Hills, Michigan, we can treat smiles that have been chipped, cracked, stained, discolored or lost. As a result of our accommodating and affordable care, many patients leave River Square Family Dentistry with a restored smile and confidence. In addition, they acquire a new dental home.

To visit with our dental team for any of your dental restoration needs, please give us a call at 248-650-2440 today. We look forward to enhancing your smile and providing you with the most suitable care possible.

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