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VELscope® Helps Us Care For Your Overall Wellbeing
With VELscope® oral cancer screening technology, we are truly taking a closer look at your oral structure’s health and condition. Fluorescent lighting is used in the VELscope® Vx System to enhance our dentist‘s visualization of your tissue. In addition, this technology has been proven to advance the magnification needed for effective oral cancer screenings. It has also been in the medical field for years, so you can feel comfortable in the safety and enhancement of VELscope®’s screening technology.

It is important to have thorough screenings done when examining for oral abnormalities because the earlier the diagnosis, the more successful cancer treatments can be. An added convenience of the VELscope® is that your screening can be completed without dyes or testing procedures, and within about two minutes, Dr. Gehan Girgis can provide you with your results. We can also use the built-in VELscope camera to take photos instantly and without intrusive disturbances. These digitized photos can then be sent directly to other medical professionals and save you from the inconvenience of getting your patient records transferred at a later date.

Let Us Answer Your Questions
If you would like to learn more about our VELscope oral cancer screenings in Rochester Hills, Michigan, please contact River Square Family Dentistry at 248-650-2440. We look forward to improving your chances in the fight against oral cancer.

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