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The pain and trauma that children experience in the dentist’s office may cause further trauma and delayed dental treatments. By choosing the right dentist and the correct behavior of parents, the fear of dentists can be overcome.

 Fear of Dentists in Children Can Delay Dental Treatments

One of the most common reasons for tooth and gum disease is fear of the dentist started in childhood. People who are hesitant to go to the dentist can be children, but can also be adults. Even more; people who have fear of dentists do not have regular examinations that should be done once in six months. So,  this fear of dentists can lead to other diseases not only in the teeth but also in the health of the person.

You can Overcome your Fear of a Dentist

The pain that people have experienced in dental treatments in the past causes them to fear the dentist in the future. In order to overcome the fear of the dentist during childhood, the child should not be frightened by the ‘dentist’, and the dentist should act warmly and interestedly toward the child. In addition, thanks to the developing technology, the person can be treated comfortably without feeling pain with methods such as local-general anesthesia and sedation.


What can be done to avoid the fear of the dentist?

It is important to visit the dentist regularly, especially for your child to get used to dental examinations. The parents should not say that they will take the child to the dentist as a punishment method. Things to consider for fear of the dentist in children;

  • Anesthesia methods can be explained in detail to those who do not want to go to the dentist because of the pain.
  • Do not use words such as tooth-pain, or doctor, that may frighten your children, instead use calming sentences as the dental examination will be a routine check-up.
  • It may be more comfortable to have dentist appointments earlier in the day.
  • Giving small gifts to your child after the treatment can help overcome the fear of the dentist. Assist the dentist in the dental examination. Find a dentist who can make your child comfortable so that the child can overcome his fear.

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